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License Fireworks Operator

We are certified and Licenses to import and operate Fireworks for events.

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Destination Weddings

We are certified Wedding Coordinators.

For Your Corporate Events & Promotions.

We have the experience to ensure your events is handled professionally

Solutions for Live Shows

Need to put on a Live High Performance Show we have all you need

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How we can help you to Achieve the WOW Factor, is to  Meet with you and your managers to discuss the event details, Have Regular Logistics meeting and Go over all requirements necessary Set Design and Construction. once this is agreed we will handle the following:

  • Discuss venue and book venue needed.
  • Do a full budget with site plans and drawings.
  • Prepare a budget and look for sponsorship where needed.
  • Have meeting to finalize budget.
  • Meet with all contractors that are needed.
  • Do site visit and technical meeting on venue.
  • Prepare a detail check list for you so you can see the progress being made up to the event.

With Full Support of the Creative Industry we are able to provide Staff and Entertainment from various genres, locally and international

  • Hire any Staff Needed
  • Book Any Entertainment Required
  • Hire any event staff needed, ushers etc.
Apply and Obtain all permits needed including Broker services if required, Manage event on set up to make sure all aspects are done to perfection and are in place, Manager and supervise all event personnel during event to make sure that all aspects of the event run smoothly.
  • Police
  • Music
  • Copyright
We will complete paperwork and necessary documentation for the events.

Supervise all placements of marketing material to make sure they are put in the correct places we will Arrange Transportation if required. Do follow up site visit and meet with all technical personnel.

  • Make sure Venue is cleaned before, during and after event.
  • Send Client load in times and event status.
  • Meet event deadline including sound checks and rehearsals if needed.
  • Make sure venue is all clear and clean after load out.
  • Send report to client regarding the execution of the event.




Our Managing Director Peter Shoucair known as the “Perfectionist”, has both local and international experience and has worked for both small and large companies with their event planning and technical requirements. Together with our Event Planners, we can help you organize and produce an event that will be talked about for years.
Avoiding unnecessary tasks and challenges is one of the most important benefits of hiring an event planning company like Event & Entertainment Services. Why have the hassles? With over 15 years of experience, we have seen it all. Any unforeseen problems that may occur throughout the planning process will remain invisible to our clients.
Event & Entertainment Services creates entertaining and customized events that result in extraordinary, unforgettable experiences for your guests, this is what we call the WOW Factor!